Katadyn Drip Gravidyn Microfilter
  • Katadyn Drip Gravidyn Microfilter
  • Katadyn Drip Gravidyn Microfilter

Katadyn Drip Gravidyn Microfilter

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The Katadyn Drip Gravidyn Microfilter is very similar to the Ceradyn, the difference being the addition of activated carbon in the filter elements to reduce chemical contaminants and improve taste.

The Gravidyn is a free standing, gravity operated microfilter with a 10-liter container. It's ideal for group camps, remote cabins or construction sites and other locations that do not have ready access to safe water. Three 0.2-micron ceramic/carbon filters remove bacteria, spores, algae and protozoa from the water, including Giardia, and Cryptosporidium. 

The Gravidyn’s large output capacity of 150,000 liters or six months (which ever is sooner) ensures that you'll have adequate water for a long time. Please note-the addition of the carbon requires that the elements be replaced every six months after first use for continued protection against chemical contamination. There are no moving parts and maintenance is very simple. The elements can be cleaned easily with a scrub pad to restore flow if cloudy water is used. A measuring gauge is included to let you know if the elements need to be replaced.

The Gravidyn is popular with relief organizations in addition to outdoorsmen with remote base camps. The filter has an output of up to 4 liters/hour and the treated water is available at the outlet tap. Easy to set-up and operate by anyone, the Gravidyn provides the perfect solution for safe, long-term hydration.

Three 0.2 micron cleanable ceramic/carbon elements remove microorganisms larger than 0.2 microns including bacteria, Giardia and Cryptosporidium, reduce chemical contamination and improves taste.

  • 10 Liter tank
  • Convenient outlet tap
  • Gravity fed operation
  • No moving parts
  • Activated carbon reduces chemical contamination
  • Long term performance
  • Field cleanable
  • Remarkable output capacity of up to 
  • 40,000 gallons or six months (which ever is sooner)
  • Included measuring gauge indicates filter life
11” x 18”
Bacteria, Protozoa, Particulates, Chemicals
Yes (Switzerland)
150,000 liters
4 liters/hour
Ceramic + Carbon
1 Year Limited Warranty
7 lbs. 4 oz.

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