Best Camping Tents – For A Memorable Camping Trip

Camping offers us the immense joy of venturing out in the wild. Take the opportunity to relax and unwind in the great outdoors.

However, a tent leak or having to sleep through a chilly night can dampen your spirits and ruin your entire trip.

It is thus imperative you take special care in selecting the right tent for you and your family.

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Coleman Sundome Tent

Do you enjoy going on camping trips with your family and friends? Well, investing in the right tent can have a drastic impact on your camping experience.

The right tent allows campers to comfortably unwind in the outdoors without worrying about space limitations.

The Coleman Sundome tent is among the most popular tents on Amazon. Over the years, Coleman has built a strong reputation in the camping industry.

The tent not only features great performance but it’s durable and easy to set up too.


  • 2 Windows – The Coleman Sundome tent features 2 windows that offer ample ventilation. The tent offers a Variflo ventilation system that can conveniently be adjusted according to the weather.
  • Includes a Rainfly – The Coleman Sundome ent includes a waterproof cover for added weather protection. This protects the tent against rain and dew.
  • Polyester Fabric – In terms of construction, the Sundome is made using durable material that is resistant to wrinkling, chemicals and shrinking. Additionally, the tent is known to dry up quickly when washed.
  • Storage Pockets – The tent features storage pockets that come in handy for keeping the tent clutter-free and organized. The tent also features a convenient carry case that you can carry around wherever you go.
  • Durable
  • Well made zippers
  • Spacious
  • Great ventilation
  • Vulnerable to leakage
  • Not ideal for extreme weather

While the tent is suitable for 2-6 average-sized people, it might cause problems if even one of the campers is broader or taller, making the space appropriate for only 2 or 3 campers.

Overall, the tent is still a fairly good choice and remains one of the most popular tents on Amazon. The visually appealing colors are also an added bonus, giving the tent a trendy look.

Wenzel Sprout Kids Tent

Do you wish your little ones would spend more time outdoors rather than being cooped up inside their rooms?

Well, perhaps you should invest in the Wenzel Sprout Kids 2 Person Tent. Apart from taking your kids on camping trips, you can set up the tent in your backyard and watch them race around.

Young boys and girls benefit increasingly from imaginative play and will be ecstatic to set up the tent. This will give your kids a little extra space of their own, where they will be free to play and imagine.


  • 2-Person Children’s Dome Tent – The Wenzel Sprout Kids 2-Person Tent features a unique dome design that is sure to look visually appealing to kids of all ages.
  • Removable Fly – Rest assured, you won’t have to worry about bad weather and dew ruining your kid’s camping experience. The Wenzel Sprout Kids 2-Person Tent features a removable fly that is resistant to moisture, allowing your kids to have the best camping experience of their life.
  • Shock-Corded Fiberglass Frame – The tent features a shock-corded fiberglass frame that results in easy setup. After a few weeks, your kids will be able to set up the tent on their own without any extra help from you. Be sure to keep an eye on them and lend them a hand!
  • Weather Armor Polyester Fabric – The tent is constructed using moisture-wicking Weather Armor polyester fabric along with a polyethylene floor. This keeps out extra moisture.
  • Mesh Roof Vents – Apart from mesh roof vents, the tent features a closeable mesh door that plays a pivotal role in keeping bugs away. This allows your kids to enjoy a bug-free camping experience.
  • Good ventilation
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to break

Your kids will love you for purchasing the Wenzel Sprout Kids 2-Person Tent.

The tent is all you will need to keep your little ones entertained and prevent them from creating havoc around the house.

Best Car Tent – Rightline Gear 110907 SUV Tent

Are you and your family headed on an off the road adventure?

Well, it is best you invest in a large tent that will provide you the space to relax and unwind. The Rightline Gear SUV Tent is just what you are looking for.

The spacious tent allows campers to sleep off the ground while in the comfort of their vehicle. The large tent can be connected to the back of any vehicle, pick-up truck or wagon.

In fact, the tent works well for most vehicles with a rear hatch door, offering campers the convenience they are looking for.


  • No-See-Um Mesh Windows – The Rightline Gear SUV Tent features no-see-um mesh windows that allow campers to enjoy the cool breeze without worrying about bugs and insects.
  • Water Resistant Fabric – The tent is made using water-resistant fabric that protects campers against bad weather and rain.
  • Spacious – The SUV tent features spacious rooms that can accommodate up to 4 campers. The tent features large windows and doors, allowing campers to step in and out of the tent with ease.
  • Glow-in-the-Dark-Zippers – The SUV tent features glow-in-the-dark zippers that are easy to pull up in even low light conditions. Now you do not have to worry about finding your way around the dark to exits at night.
  • Includes Gear Pockets – The tent features gear pockets that allow campers to store camping accessories and other items to stay organized. The tent also features a stuff sack for easy storage.
  • Weather Resistant – The Rightline Gear SUV Tent is made using durable material, includes a protective rainfly and storm covers for added protection in the rain. Additionally, the tent features 130G polyethylene flooring that ensures the interior stays dry.
  • Durable
  • Versatile
  • Resistant to bad weather
  • Spacious
  • Ineffective rainfly

Guide Gear Teepee Tent

Are you an avid camper who needs a change from traditional dome tents?

Well, perhaps you should try out the teepee-style tent, these unique tents are a sight to see and perform well too.

They are the perfect choice for backyard camping, overnight trips and brief visits to the wilderness.

The teepee design of the tent offers a lot of room and can accommodate around 6 people.

With a comfortable tent, you also save a lot of money as most 6-person tents in the market cost a small fortune.

The timeless peak construction will make heads turn in the campsite.


  • Teepee Design – These tents are constructed to look like a Teepee and are perfectly designed for people who want a change from original tents.
  • Fits 6 People – Despite its low price, the Guide Gear 14×14 Teepee fits 6 people and is quite spacious. There is also a lot of room to move around in.
  • Easy Setup – The Guide Gear 14×14 Teepee is fairly easy to set up and hardly takes 20 minutes to assemble.
  • 2 Doors – The Guide Gear 10×10 Teepee features 2 doors that come in handy, especially if you are sharing the tent with multiple people.
  • Includes Carry Bag – The tent features a large carry bag that allows campers to conveniently transport the tent from one place to another.
  • 4 Large Air Vents – The tent features 4 large air vents that promote air circulation and result in good ventilation.
  • Distinctive design
  • Sturdy construction
  • Convenient
  • Not entirely waterproof
  • Huge steel pole in the middle

Coleman Weathermaster 10 Person Tent 

The problem that you usually find with tents is that there simply isn’t enough room for everyone. Even tents that say that they are rated for the number of people that you have in your camp group – or family – do not work out as well as you’d like.

You don’t want everyone sleeping shoulder to shoulder, but instead, to be comfortable in the tent. That’s exactly where the Coleman WeatherMaster 10 Person Tent shines.


  • Coleman is a very solid company when it comes to making tents. They know camping and they know people who camp. This tent is made for that hobby specifically and is extremely high quality.
  • This tent is made from polyester taffeta and features a 75D 450mm PU coating for increased strength and protection.
  • If you want a tent that will both protect you from the weather and let you enjoy it when the weather is nice – this is the perfect one for you. Here is what you get as far as weather features: a sunroof that allows you to let in the sunshine when you want to and a rain fly that protects you when the weather gets wet.
  • You also get some new technology created by the Coleman Company with this tent. The hinged door is a really nice feature, especially since you have so many people coming in and out.
  • This is a huge tent. You can fit ten people in there with a little room to spare or if you just want the extra space, you can fit three queen beds in there.
  • The center height and almost all of the tent is tall enough to stand up and walk in – for nearly everyone. The center is 6 feet 8 inches tall.
  • This is such an easy tent to set up. The pole sleeves are continuous and the poles are all color-coded to make setting up in minutes a breeze.
  • Offers a 1-year limited warranty and Coleman’s patented “WeatherTech” system to keep out the rain.

What Makes it Different

This tent offers everything that you could want with a ten-person tent.

Most tents offer almost everything, but this truly has every feature you could want with a tent this size, and a few that go above and beyond.

Potential Drawbacks

The only drawback with this tent is that it can be difficult to get back into the bag once you have it out for the first time and set it up. This challenge can be easily overcome with practice, however.


A no-brainer. Get this tent. It has everything that you could want and the price is just perfect.

For a large family or a small one that wants to camp in luxury, this is the perfect tent.

How To Pick A Camping Tent

The right camping tent will ensure you and your family stay warm throughout the night without worrying about space constrictions.

Here’s everything you need to know while picking out a camping tent.

Types of Tent

If you are new to camping and are headed out on your first trip to the campsite, it is imperative you enlighten yourself on the different types of tents in the market. This will allow you to opt for one according to your needs and environment.

Here are the most common types of tents in the market.

Dome Tents

As the name indicates, these tents feature a dome shape or structure once it has been erected. They usually feature 3 to 4 hoops instead of the traditional tent poles, depending on its size. Together, the hoops intersect to provide the tent the strength and structure it requires.

Despite its sturdiness, dome tents are not suitable for new campers as it may be difficult to set-up for first-timers.

You can modify the basic structure of the dome tent. This comes in handy when you are camping with families and need some extra space away from the sleeping area.

The additional porch area can be used to store muddy clothing and footwear along with other sorts of items.

Hoop Tents

Hoop tents are versatile and are available in a number of several sizes and configurations. You can opt for one, two or three-hoop tents. One of the biggest advantages of hoop tents is that its walls are curved.

This offers campers more internal space compared to other types of tents. Hoop tents are a great option for beginners and newbies as the tents are lightweight and offer users a compact camping solution.

Hikers and hill walkers can benefit from single hoop tents as they are easy to carry over long distances. They are also great options for people who are traveling to the campsite by car but have limited boot space.

However, while hoop tents are known for their compact nature, they are not the sturdiest options available when it comes to harsh weather conditions.

Tunnel Tents

As the name suggests, tunnel tents are large elongated sleeping structures that look like tunnels. These tents are available in a wide range of sizes and can also be modified or configured according to your needs.

Tunnel tents are the best option if you are going on a camping trip with your family and loved ones. This is because these tunnels offer ample storage space and can only be sectioned into different sleeping areas.

Now, everyone in your family can have their own space. This drastically improves your family camping experience, giving everybody the privacy they need. Some family tents allow campers to stand at full height within the tent.

It increases comfort and allows users to move around the tent with ease. Also, most tunnel tents feature windows that allow campers to enjoy the view or keep an eye on their kids while they are playing outside.

Geodesic Tents

Geodesic tents are best suited for campers who wish to camp out in harsh weather conditions. These tents are sturdy and are ideal for wintry conditions. Essentially, geodesic tents are modified dome tents that offer extra stability.

The stronger structure is created using extra intersecting poles. These tents are quite well-known for their sturdiness and are quite spacious inside.

You can find these tents available in a variety of sizes. Campers who are headed out on an adventure on their own can opt for a one-man tent or invest in a family tent that can accommodate up to 6 people.

Tent Doors

When picking your tent, you must decide on the number of doors you will need along with its shape and orientation.

If you are camping alone, you can opt for a single-door tent. However, if you are headed out on a trip with your family, multiple doors can eliminate the need for climbing over each other for late-night bathroom breaks.

Usually, cabin-style tents are the perfect option for families. Additionally, do not forget to note how noisy the doors are to zip open and shut. Opt for zippers that are resistant to snagging and won’t break easily.


It is integral you pick a camping tent that includes a rainfly. A rainfly is a waterproof cover that is designed to protect the roof of your tent in case of rain. A rainfly comes separately and is available in two designs.

A camper can either opt for a roof-only rainfly that offers fair rain protection or opt for a full-coverage rainfly.

Full-coverage rain flies offer campers maximum protection from heavy rain and wind. Use the rainfly to retain extra warmth when rain or dew is expected.

Tent Poles

The tent’s pole structure is the simplest way to determine how easy or difficult it is to pitch. Typically, most family tents in the market today are freestanding.

This means you do not need stakes to set them up. The biggest advantages of these tents are that they are easy to move or transport to different locations according to your stay. Campers can also shake the dirt out before taking the tent down.

Needless to say, the fewer the poles, the easier it is to set up the tent. Additionally, it is much easier to attach poles to clips than it is to thread them through long pole sleeves.

Fortunately, most tent options include both short pole sleeves and clips to balance strength, setup ease, and ventilation. Aluminum poles are considered the most durable and sturdiest options.

Important Characteristics Of Camping Tent

Camping is a delightful activity that provides campers a great escape from their monotonous routines. Since camping involves staying outdoors, it is imperative you opt for a good quality tent for a comfortable experience.

Finding the right tent can drastically improve the quality of your stay out in the open wild. This handy guide will explain a few key features that will help you find a good tent for camping.


The first thing you should consider when purchasing a camping tent is space. Campers should consider whether they will be exploring the wilderness alone or with their family and kids.

One should also take into account the size of the individuals who will be staying inside the tent or whether or not they will be storing their camping gear inside.

The labels on the tents (one-person, two-person or three-person) do not always ensure there will be room for an adequate number of people. For example, a three-person tent may not suffice three people if one or more campers are taller or broader than the average size.

Such campers should consider choosing a larger tent, especially if they are planning on bringing camping items with them. Sleeping bags, sleeping pads, and mattresses can take up quite a lot of room in the tent, leaving little space for comfortable sleeping positions.

Without adequate space, campers may have to endure a stuffy night. Also, consider the duration of your stay when considering the size of your tent as space is more likely to get cluttered with each passing day.

Water Resistance

When purchasing a tent, ensure it can handle moisture well, both inside and out. Even if the weather does not seem cloudy or rain is not predicted, you should be prepared.

An unpleasant surprise may cut your trip short if your tent is not designed to withstand moisture. Be on the lookout for seam-taped tents with waterproof capabilities that can efficiently prevent leakage.

Campers should also consider a tent with a waterproof floor and top along with waterproofing treatments that go about 6 inches up the sides of the tents. This reduces the risks of rainwater entering the edges of the tent and soaking up the people residing inside.

Easy Transportation

Do you intend on going on a hiking trip before you reach your destination? If you are not planning on using a car, you might want to invest in a smaller, lightweight tent.

Campers who intend on kayaking or mountain-biking to the campsite obviously do not want to be burdened with a humongous tent that is too heavy to carry. Four-season tents usually tend to be heavier than three-season or summer tents.

However, with the development of new designs and materials, the weight difference has lessened. Nylon tent fabrics are lighter than polyester however they do not offer the same level of UV protection.

Nylon tents are best suited for campers who do not want to carry much weight on their shoulders. However, this is only a good option if you will not be encountering heavy and windy storms.

Weather Compatibility

Most importantly, a tent must be compatible with the weather conditions it will be used in. Based on weather, tents fall into several categories, such as two/three seasons, four-season tents, or expedition tents.

It is important that campers consider the climate and be prepared for any scenario. Here are the different types of tents based on weather conditions.

a dome tent in a forest clearing

3 Season Tents

3-season tents are by far the most popular choice since they provide lightweight shelters that are great for a variety of seasons.

You can conveniently use your 3-season tent for relative temperate conditions including summer, fall and spring. These tents are typically equipped with several mesh panels to encourage airflow.

Plus, these panels keep out insects. Equipped with a proper taut rainfly, 3-season tents have the ability to withstand downpours but are not the best option for heavy snow, violent winds, and harsh weather storms.

Overall, the tent is great for:

  • Shielding campers against bugs
  • Providing campers privacy
  • Keeping campers dry in the weather conditions, such as light snow and rain

3-to-4 Season Tents

3 to 4-Season tents or extended season tents are designed for prolonged 3-season usage. These tents are suitable for summer use but are also functional for late fall and early spring when there may be moderate snow.

These tents do a good job of balancing strength, warmth retention, and ventilation. Usually, these tents differ from 3-season tents as they include 1 or 2 more poles or fewer mesh panels than the 3-season models.

This makes the tents much warmer and sturdier than their predecessors. Extended season tents are a premium choice for people who make frequent trips to high elevation and exposed destinations.

Though they are incredibly sturdy, they are not as fortified as 4-season or harsh winter weather tents.

4 Season Tents

4-season models are able to withstand substantial snow loads, fierce winds and are great for any season. Their primary function is to stand tall in practically any weather, principally winter or above tree line.

They typically utilize more poles and tend to be heavier than 3-season tents. They usually feature rounded dome designs, eliminating the chances of snow to collect like in flat roof spaces.

Another prominent characteristic is they offer fewer rain flies and mesh panels that tend to extend close to the ground.

However, this causes campers to feel warm and stuffy in mild weather conditions.

Overall, this tent is a spectacular choice for snowy weather conditions and provides campers just the place of refuge they need.

Final Word

These are just a few things you should keep in mind while picking out a camping tent.

Keep these key features in mind if you want to find a good tent for camping.

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