Discover All The Fuss About Camping Shower Tents

While a shower tent might not be your first priority when you are out shopping for your camping trip, it is a good investment if you are an avid camper.

A portable camping shower tent is one of the best ways to stay clean and fresh when you are headed out to the wild.

Portable shower tents create a private shelter for changing clothes, showering or just camping.

It is ideal for use in mountain areas and national parks but can also be used on campsites, public parks, and pool areas.

Men and women find the ingenious product useful for staying fresh, especially at night.

Types Of Shower Tents

A person standing next to a shower tent

There are several types of shower tents in the market. You can opt for a modest tent that only offers you a private shelter or something more high-end.

Here are some options you can choose from.

Solar Powered Shower Tent

If you are on a tight budget and simply want a small space you can use to clean up, a solar powered tent will prove sufficient.

As the name suggests, solar power tents use the sun’s energy to heat up bathwater. These tents are typically made using a PVC bag with a hose attached to it that allows the flow of running water.

These tents are available in a number of sizes and are easy to use. However, the only downside is the tent is not suitable to use in cloudy weather and would make your bath water too cold for use.

Battery Powered Shower Tents

As the name indicates, these tents utilize battery power to heat bathwater.

Most camping shower tents are typically powered using a 4D cell battery. These batteries are quite portable and easy to carry.

Propane Powered Shower Tents

This kind of tent features a propane burner that is used to heat water. With propane, heating up bathwater can be faster and easier.

However, this is not the safest method for heating water. These tents are typically heavy but are the most efficient in terms of speed and performance.

Keep in mind your personal preference while purchasing this shower tent. It might now be the best option if your kids will also be using a tent.

Benefits Of Camping Shower Tent

two people assembling a camping shower tent
  • Camouflage Design – Consider investing in a tent with a camouflage design. This provides campers extra privacy. The tent should allow campers to shower, change clothes or do their business with peace of mind. This drastically improves your camping experience.
  • UV Protection – For added convenience, opt for a shower tent that offers UV protection. This will prevent the tent from overheating and make it more comfortable to use.
  • Waterproof Polyester – An ideal shower tent should be constructed using water-proof polyester and moisture-wicking fabrics, making it perfect for shower use. If the material is not moisture-wicking, the tent will wear off after only a few days of use.
  • Large Zippered Doors – Invest in a tent with a large door for easy access. The tent must feature smooth-running zippers to maintain quality. Assess the quality of the zippers to ensure it remains in good working condition even after several days of usage.
  • Non-Bottom Design – Some campers opt for a non-bottom design as it results in an easier cleanup. However, this design might make the tent unstable, hence opt for a tent that suits your needs.
  • Mesh Windows – You do not want to be fighting off bugs when you are trying to take a shower. Mesh windows not only keep bugs at bay but also offer ventilation. This prevents the tent from getting too stuffy inside.
  • Lightweight and Portability – Aside from camping, the tent should be lightweight and portable so it can be carried with ease wherever you go. Additionally, opt for a tent that folds easily and can be packed in your bag without taking up too much space.
  • Easy Setup – Pop-up tents are the easiest to set up and make it possible for campers to use the tent wherever they go.

Positives of Owning a Camping Shower Tent

two shower tents next to each other

A tent might not be needed if your campsite has running water and toilet facilities, but if you are a backpacker or an explorer headed out for an intense trip, a camping shower tent can prove quite useful for you.

Washing up in rivers, streams, and lakes is not suggested as the ingredients used for making soaps and shampoos can end up harming the wildlife in the region.

If possible, try washing up with only water and use a hand sanitizer to keep your hands clean. There’s no point in getting in touch with nature if you are going to be contaminating the rivers and streams with chemical-laden soaps.

Most public campgrounds lack privacy, hence it is a good idea you carry a tent. Shower tents are inexpensive and thus they are certainly worth the investment.

Even if the campsite you are staying in has a bathing area, you might have to wait in a long queue till it is finally your turn.

By investing in a camping shower tent, you no longer have to worry about standing in line or waiting for your turn to take a shower at camp.

Many people put off the idea of camping due to a lack of acceptable bathing amenities. With a shower tent, you can enjoy your trip to the fullest while remaining at ease.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this handy guide has provided you enough information that will help you in deciding to bring a shower tent on your next trip.

Apart from the price, material and size make sure you invest in a product that you and your family will be comfortable enough to use.

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