Hammock Tent – A Revolutionary Camping Accessory

Not a fan of traditional hammocks and tents?

Well, with the correct equipment, now you can get the best of both worlds by investing in a camping hammock tent.

These ingenious tents are the best option for campers who wish to stay away from pesky bugs and creepy crawlies on the ground.

Hammock tents feature a unique off the ground design that allows you to camp off midair.

What Are Hammock Tents?

Somebody asleep in a suspended hammock tent

The lightweight tent features a unique design.

The elevated height allows you and your fellow campers to enjoy a splendid view, away from insects, predators, and groundwater.

This tent offers campers a unique camping experience, allowing them to enjoy nature at its best form.

Hammock Tent Benefits

a green hammock tent between two trees

Some of the most notable benefits include.

Bug-Free Experience

Rest assured, you do not have to worry about spraying insect repellant all over the tent.

Most camping hammock tents feature a mesh roof that keeps bugs away.

You can enjoy sleeping at night without letting mosquitos, bugs, and ticks ruin the experience.


The excitement of camping out in the wilds can soon fade away when you have to sleep on the cold hard ground.

Rest assured, camping hammock tents allow you to sleep in midair. Now campers can sleep comfortably without worrying about backache.

Protection Against Storms

An enclosed camping hammock tent provides campers better protection against the harsh weather.

This is because tents on the ground can easily blow away or fall out of proportion.

Camping Hammock Vs. Camping Tent

Hammock and tent both have their advantages and disadvantages that typically depend on the camper’s personal preference.

Camping Hammock

a hammock tent between two trees

Better Sleep 

One of the primary reasons why people dislike camping is because they do not like sleeping on the ground, which can be hard and uncomfortable.

However, when you are sleeping in a hammock, you do not have to worry about this. With a hammock, you won’t have plants and rocks poking you in the back when you are trying to get some sleep.

Overall, hammock camping allows you to get a better night’s sleep.

Hammock Swings

Most campers fail to realize that hammocks swing. While this is noticeable at first, most campers do not have a problem with being rocked to sleep and may even find it soothing at first.

However, on the downside, the swinging may get out of control especially on a windy day. In such cases, campers may have to put their foot down to put an end to the movement.

If you tend to toss and turn in your sleep, the hammock will swing more than if you stay perfectly still at night.

Easier to Pitch

If you are camping out in the wild, finding a place to pitch a tent can be difficult.

The surface might be covered with too many rocks, sticks and stones, and the ground might not be leveled enough.

Rest assured, this is not a problem when you are sleeping on a hammock. However, you still have to find two good trees to set up your tent in.


When setting up a tent, you have to clear the ground of rocks and sticks and then lay the tent on the surface.

After laying the footprint, you have to keep your backpack aside, roll away your backpack and then set up the poles no matter how cold or wet it is outside.

A hammock is relatively easier to set up as you only have to tie two straps around the trees. You may have to do a little more work if you want a rain fly or bug netting but it is still much easier to set up than a tent.

Hammocks are Lighter

If you are camping on your own, there is virtually no need for you to burden your back with a heavy tent.

Tents tend to be much heavier and are difficult to set up while on the other hand, hammocks are relatively lightweight. You can easily carry the hammock on your shoulders without worrying about excess weight.

Hammock camping is thus a better option for backpackers who are always on the move and are keen to explore the wild.

Camping Tent

a tent with a vestibule

Some of the most notable advantages of a camping tent.

Completely Enclosed

When you are sleeping in a tent, you do not have to worry about a twig hitting your face in the middle of the night.

Tents are completely closed. This prevents outdoor elements from finding their way inside the tent.

However, most major hammock designs offer a solution to stay bug-free, such as nettings, which protect you against rain and pests.

Tents are a better option for camping in the winter season as strong winds won’t blow in your ears.

If you are still keen on using a hammock, you can opt for hammocks specially designed for winters. These hammocks feature under quilts that keep you toasty throughout your stay.

Tents are Better Designed for Storms

Though tents are not completely safe and might not provide you ultimate protection from rain and storms like you would expect, you are still better off stuck inside a tent on a rainy day rather than a hammock.

While there are several hammocks designed to tackle storms and rainy weather, the rain fly might tear-off or completely rip off the ground, making it difficult for you to stay warm.

Final Thoughts

Overall, camping hammock provides you the opportunity to get in touch with nature like never before.

After all, what is the point of camping if you are going to be cramped inside a tiny tent?

Campers can fall sleep on a hammock while watching the stars at night, allowing you to connect with nature.

Sleeping in an enclosed tent might ruin your experience plus the ground is not merciful and might even hurt your back.

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