4 Surprising Vehicle Tents You Didn’t Know Existed

With advancements in technology, there are now several types of vehicle camping tents in the market.

These tents range from elaborate rooftop tents that allow campers to stay off the ground and avoid snakes and other critters to dome tents that attach to the back of the vehicle.

Typically, vehicle tents provide extra storage and are designed to fit easily inside cars, minivans, trucks, and SUVs.

Most vehicle tents have power outlets for charging and appliances, such as phones and laptops.

When purchasing a vehicle tent, it is important you consider the type of car you drive, roof or ground preference and of course, the budget.

Before you start planning your camping trip, it is essential you enlighten yourself on the different kinds of vehicle camping tents in the market.

1. Car Camping Tents

a car with a tent attached to the back

Car camping is a form of camping that involves driving to the campsite rather than walking. This means campers need not compromise on the size and weight of the tent, as they would not have to carry it.

However, one must take into account the type of vehicle they drive before investing in a tent.

In addition, campers must focus on selecting a tent that will be a comfortable home for the next couple of days. Here are some handy tips that will make car tent camping more comfortable.

Stay Clear from the Fuel

Campers may be forced to make some hasty decisions when stressed by the outdoor elements. However, you should never resort to using gasoline or any other kind of fuel that is intended for vehicle use to start a fire.

Using gasoline to start a fire can result in a dangerous accident and is certainly not worth the reward. If you have run out of resources while car camping, it is best you simply pack up and drive back home.

Invest in a Roomy Tent

The excitement of sleeping inside a tent will quickly fade if it is cramped with too many things. Invest in a roomy tent according to the number of people who will be staying with you.

Invest in a roomy tent that will stand upright and will provide you sufficient space to spend the night with peace.

Consider purchasing a tent with a vestibule around the door. This offers added protection against rain and sun and gives you added space to away gear and muddy shoes.

Find the Best Camping Spot

Most free campgrounds (such as national parks) work on a first-come, first-serve basis. However, if you appear at the end of the day before sunset, you risk finding a campground that is already packed with fellow campers.

Navigate the best spot and get there immediately before somebody else does or you may be forced to leave the campsite before even starting your camping trip.

2. Truck Tent Camping

a tent assembled on the flatback of a truck

Truck tent camping is a more comfortable alternative to the classic ground camping as you no longer have to worry about sleeping on the ground.

This also relieves you from other inconveniences, like worrying about bugs crawling around.

In truck camping, the tent is bound to the vehicle hence the car needs to be parked exactly at the spot you wish to camp.

Here are a few tips to make truck tent camping more comfortable.

Look for a Good Parking Spot

As mentioned, the tent will be bound to the vehicle, hence it is imperative you look for a good parking spot.

Find a leveled, flat surface to park your truck. The uneven ground may cause your tent to become unstable as the pole’s stability will be modified.

Keep in mind you will rest on the truck bed floor, hence if the car is inclined, you will feel uncomfortable and will be unable to get a good night’s rest.

Also, study the parking possibilities before your camping trip to avoid legal problems that might take place.

Take Luggage and Space into Consideration

Aside from easy transportation, truck camping allows you to carry more helpful items on your trip without worrying about accommodation.

However, if the back of your truck is going to be turned into a sleeping area, you may find it harder to accommodate your luggage. In this case, it is important you utilize the car top carrier.

Secure all your items on top and use a rope to hold them into place if necessary. For frequently used items, set up the gear loft on the top portion of the tent.

You may also utilize the interior side pockets of the tent to store items, such as lanterns and extra snacks.

Protect Your Tent

Perhaps the most daunting part of truck camping is keeping your tent safe. Campers must protect their tents from accidental rips and tears, strong winds, overthrowing and water damage.

To protect your tent, place a tarp over the covering sheet between the tent floor and the truck bed. It is recommended you use extra guy lines to improve stability.

In case of rain, water might penetrate via the sewing lines, hence it is best you waterproof the line by using a sealant, such as silicon spray.

Additionally, you also have to ensure no heavy object falls on top of your shelter or through the tent canvas.

While campers are sensible not to park their tents under coconut trees, strong winds and storms may cause tree branches or unstable parts of shabby construction to damage your home.

Ensure you park your vehicle and set up your tent in a safe zone. Also, do not park it near the tallest tree in the forest as such trees act as lightning magnets.

3. Motorcycle Camping Tent

a bivy tent assembled on a motorcycle

Camping with a motorcycle is perhaps one of the most liberating forms of camping. However, the unique outdoor adventure gives rise to countless questions.

Among the most important being, what kind of tent should you invest in?

Since you will be carrying all your camping gear on your motorcycle, it is imperative your pack light. Here are a few handy tips you should consider while motorcycle camping.

Invest in a Tank Bag

A tank bag is a small pouch that attaches to the front of the motorcycle. It is highly convenient for storing valuable luggage which you would not want to lose. This includes travel guides, cash, reading glasses, snacks, and passport.

Since the bag attaches to the motorcycle, you do not have to worry about rummaging through your rucksack to retrieve small items that might easily get lost.

Investing in a tank bag is one of the simplest ways of staying organized throughout the journey.

Pack Lightly

The weight on your motorcycle must be positioned as close to the center of gravity as possible or else will face difficulty in driving or may even fall off.

Only pack what is necessary, such as your tent, sleeping bag, clothes, a jacket, and toiletries. Carry a plastic bottle that you can refill with water on the way and fasten it to your backpack.

4. SUV Tent Camping

a large tent attached to an SUV

SUV camping tents have increasingly become popular because of the comfort and convenience they provide. SUV tents allow you to enjoy and utilize more space, adding a real sense of home and security to your camping trip.

You and your family can conveniently pack all your stuff and head out for an amazing experience into the wild.

Campers must simply attach the tent to the vehicle. The main advantage of SUV tents is they offer campers increased security and protection against the outdoor environment.

Here are some handy tents you should consider while SUV camping.

Consider the Number of People

If you are traveling alone, you might not have to worry about space. However, if you are traveling with your family, the size of the tent should be your topmost priority.

It is always nice to have additional space so you can store all your camping gear with ease. The tent should be spacious and provide campers plenty of room to store their camping gear without compromising on comfort.

Invest in a Water-Resistant Tent

Your happy camping trip can come to an end if the tent is not resistant to water. Invest in a tent that is made using durable material and includes a protective rainfly and storm cover for added protection in the rain.

One can never be sure about the weather, hence it is essential you take preventive measures to ensure you have a hassle-free camping trip.

Hopefully, this useful guide has provided you sufficient information about vehicle camping. Surf the internet to find out more information about camping.

It is a good idea to ask for help or advice from a friend who is a serious camper before you head out to the wild.

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